N450 case studies

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N450 case studies

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The numerical Stroop task. Participants press a button on the side where they see the numerically larger number. B Processing model of the task: The numerical and physical dimensions of the stimulus are analyzed in parallel resulting in numerical magnitude and physical size stimulus representations 'Repr.

Further, the parallel processed stimulus representations may than trigger the parallel activation of correct and incorrect response channels, potentially resulting in response conflict.

N450 case studies

Usually only the correct response channel will result in an overt behavioral response. Electro-myography can provide a direct measure of both correct and incorrect response channel activation. Electrode positions and labels in the channel hydro-cell electrode net.

The reference electrode vertex is electrode ERPs split by congruency conditions. A Global field power GFP. B ERPs averaged for centro-parietal electrodes31, 55, 80, 54, 55, 79, 61, 62 and Topographies are shown for [effectively cued condition] N450 case studies [neutrally cued condition] difference potentials.

The amplitude of ERPs in the neutral condition is shown on the left for reference. The amplitude of difference topographies is shown on the right Congr: The upper row shows the effectively cued condition, the lower row shows the neutrally cued condition.

Abstract Background Several conflict processing studies aimed to dissociate neuroimaging phenomena related to stimulus and response conflict processing. However, previous studies typically did not include a paradigm-independent measure of either stimulus or response conflict. Here we have combined electro-myography EMG with event-related brain potentials ERPs in order to determine whether a particularly robust marker of conflict processing, the N ERP effect usually related to the activity of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex ACCis related to stimulus- or to response-conflict processing.

EMG provided paradigm-independent measure of response conflict.

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In a numerical Stroop paradigm participants compared pairs of digits and pressed a button on the side where they saw the larger digit. Results EMG showed that response conflict was significantly larger in neutrally than in effectively cued trials.

The N was similar when response conflict was high and when it was low. Findings may enable timing ACC conflict effects.

N450 case studies

We have overcome this limitation [ 6 ] by measuring response conflict directly using electro-myography EMG. Here we extended our previous methodology by manipulating response conflict at the paradigm level and checking the success of this manipulation by EMG.

The N has previously been linked to conflict effects emanating from the anterior cingulate cortex ACC. In principle, Stroop conflict can appear at the level of stimulus representations stimulus conflict or at the level of motor response organization response conflict.

According to the stimulus conflict view, Stroop conflict appears because the representations of parallel processed stimulus dimensions are incongruent with each other [ 7 ]. According to the response conflict view, Stroop conflict appears during the organization of motor responses e.

This so-called 'horse-race model' assumes that motor responses are primed by both task-relevant and task-irrelevant stimulus dimensions [ 89 ]. Conflict appears when parallel activated correct and incorrect responses begin to compete to dominate overt response activity.

Discriminating between brain markers of stimulus and response conflict has been the subject of several neuroimaging studies. The most prominent of these areas is the ACC which has been shown to be active in nearly all studies examining conflict processing.

According to a prominent theory, the conflict monitoring view [ 10 - 12 ], the activity of the ACC increases in response to conflicting information.

However, evidence has now accumulated demonstrating that the ACC can be activated not only by response but also by stimulus conflict [ 215 - 18 ].Explore this case study and see how Intel and the Government of Brazil are working together with local industry, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to improve both the safety and efficiency of Brazil's transportation infrastructure.

The developmental pattern of stimulus and response interference in a color-object Stroop task: an ERP study. It has also been found that the N component and rhyme effect are not sensitive to physical orthographic features as was evidenced in studies that found comparable N effects when stimuli were presented in different letter cases (Coch et al., b, Rugg and Barrett, ).

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